Booking Protection - What is it and how do I apply for a refund?

Booking Protection and what it covers

The Booking Protection offered on our orders covers you in a number of scenarios, you can see a list here. These are normally more serious things, such as injuries and accidents, so you won’t be covered if you’ve just changed your mind about attending (Sorry!). Booking Protect normally also asks for evidence alongside your refund request (e.g. doctor's notes).

It’s best to start your refund application with Booking Protect as soon as you realise that you’re not able to attend.

For more information, Booking Protect’s Terms and Conditions can be downloaded when ordering with us, or from here.

Applying for a refund through Booking Protect

To start your refund application with Booking Protect, click ‘Apply for a refund’ (top left corner) here.

If you have any questions about your refund application, you’ll need to contact Booking Protect here or at

Cancelling Booking Protection

You can cancel your Booking Protection within 14 days of purchase. To do this, drop us an email here.