How do I resell my ticket and when do I get refunded?

Twickets resale

Full information can be found here.


Resale through TicketSellers

For some events, you’ll be able to securely resell your tickets by creating a resale link from your account.

If that’s the case, there will be a ‘Sell your tickets’ resale option here.

When you click on ‘Find out how to sell your tickets’, you can select which tickets you want to sell with one resale link, then click on ‘Generate resale link’. If you have more than one ticket and want to create one link per ticket, select only one of the tickets, then generate a resale link and repeat. The only exception is tickets that are booked as a package, such as entry and coach tickets for some events - these can only be resold together.

The link won’t be automatically public, so it needs to be shared with potential buyers online.

The ticket resale price can't be changed. 

If you resell your ticket, we’ll refund you the face value (so less any fees) - the same amount you would receive if you were to be refunded.

We currently process resale refunds manually, so it can take us up to 14 days to issue your refund. We’ll drop you a confirmation email once your refund has been processed.


The ‘Start selling your tickets’ button

This is reserved for promoters who organise events and want to upload their event and sell tickets with us. It isn’t a viable way to resell your tickets, so unless you’re a promoter there’s no need to use this. 

You can instead check if a resale is available on the event’s website, or from your account as above.


Third-party resales

Your ticket is attached to your TicketSellers account and is specific to you. As a ticketing agent, we don’t condone the reselling of tickets on third-party websites. This is a dodgy process for both the seller and the buyer because the third-party resale market is often fraudulent. 

Selling/buying a ticket this way often renders your tickets invalid if you get caught, and we can’t be held responsible if you take the risk and you’re denied entry at the event because your ticket was bought from a third-party reseller.

Always look for official ways to resell your tickets. When an official resale is available for the event, you’ll be able to find information on their website or your account.

If in doubt, drop us an email here