My instalment plan has been cancelled due to a missed payment - what can I do?

In the event of a failed payment, you can catch up with your instalment by making the missed payment from your account before a certain date. However, if the deadline is missed, the instalment plan is automatically cancelled.

We aren’t able to reinstate a cancelled instalment plan, but some events allow festival-goers to pay off their ticket(s) in full even after the instalment plan has been cancelled. Please note that in these circumstances the balance can only be paid as one lump sum. Where this is an option, you will be given a new deadline, which will usually match the final date of the instalment plan.

Please contact us here to check if you have any alternative options. Any such options are strictly at the discretion of the event organiser only - unfortunately, we are unable to override these.

Please note that in all cases any amount that has already been paid is non-refundable unless the event is cancelled.