How can I easily see how many adult tickets I've sold? Sales highlights tool

With festival ticketing especially, sometimes it can be difficult to see how many actual adult tickets you have sold, or even how many 'people' tickets you have sold. Amongst the various tiers, payment plans, concessionary tickets, vehicles, camping, eco bonds, carbon balancing the list goes on and it can be hard to get a clear picture of who is coming to your event. That's why we have a Sales highlights function. Select a tag, for example 'adult' or 'people' if you want to be able to different...

How can I start to analyse my customer sales data?

We have several tracking tools available, many of which are under the Sales tools menu. Google analytics & Tracking code Implement these within your own online platforms to track where sales come via. Sales be region & demographic: See handy overview graphs of which regions customers bought from and other demographic breakdowns. Promo/Voucher codes: This is where you can find a summary of sales bought via promo codes in one place.

How do I report on ticket sales? An overview.

On the organiser dashboard you will see under the menu 'Reporting'. This is where several different tools can be found. Sales for this event This report is an overview with a graph showing sales per day. You will see a list of ticket names, against prices and number sold, as well as an overview graph at the top. Detailed ticket sales analysis Looks like this: On the detailed analysis you can filter by specific date range, days before event or even days after on sale. You can filter by eit...