How do I report on ticket sales? An overview.

On the organiser dashboard you will see under the menu 'Reporting'. This is where several different tools can be found.

Sales for this event
This report is an overview with a graph showing sales per day. You will see a list of ticket names, against prices and number sold, as well as an overview graph at the top.

Detailed ticket sales analysis
Looks like this:
On the detailed analysis you can filter by specific date range, days before event or even days after on sale. You can filter by either ticket tags, or ticket types, and you can also filter by tickets sold or value. You can generate reports to view within the control panel, or you can export the report too. You can even save your selections for a future report.


Compare sales for your events
Similar in ways to the detailed sales analysis, but this time only reporting via ticket tags (because ticket types are often named differently).
Select upto 6 events at once, and then view sales side by side, based on either days after on sale, or days before the event.
This is such a valuable tool to see how the general trend of sales for your event can work, 

Order history
This is more about who has bought your tickets. This report uses the same filters as the Detailed Ticket Sales Analysis, but instead of total tickets sold per value or quantity, it gives details of the customers who have bought them. 

Referral Sales
Here you can create referral links and track sales made through those links.
For example, if you run a campaign on facebook through a certain month, you can use a url with a tracking code in it, to see how many sales were made via clicking through that link.