I want to set up complimentary tickets, how do I do this?

To set up complimentary tickets, you simply set up a ticket as usual and set the price to 0.00.

If you want to set up free tickets as part of a promotion you can also add on a promo code (which can easily be shared out) or a one-time link. 

If you only wish specific people to access the ticket, a one-time link is the best option as it generates a link that can only be used once (you may want to restrict the amount of tickets that can be purchased in one order). 

If you are running a promotion on social media, or as part of a press release and are happy for the links to be shared out, a promo code is a really easy way to do this. 

More information relating to promo codes and one time links can be found here, and as always if you need further assistance, you can contact us here