How do I create discount codes and one-time links?

Discounted tickets can be uploaded as a new ticket type available to anyone (concession, Early Bird).  However, if you want to limit who has access to the discounts, you can set up a promo code. To do this, you will need to log into your promoters account and select your event. Add the new ticket type and fill in all the information, then at the bottom of the page, you will see the ‘Special Offer Codes’ option. Click on the green plus and enter the code you want customers to use. Please note: you need to set the ticket price to include the discount.

If you want your customers to feel extra special or don’t want them to pass on the code, you can create one-time links (these are links that allow the customer access to one or a group of promocoded tickets, once the tickets have been purchased, the link expires so it can't be passed on to other people).  To do this, click on ‘Generate one-time links’ which can be found under the 'Tickets' menu on the event. Then pick a promo code you want to create the links for, fill in how many links you’d like to create and whether or not they have an expiry date. After you generate them, don’t forget to copy all of them and put them in a document or a spreadsheet, so you don’t lose them, the links can then be emailed out to your customers.

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