I can no longer go - can I get a refund?

Most of the time, our events don’t offer refunds unless they have to cancel or postpone for some unexpected reason (the most recent contender being Covid). For more details on this, check out our T&C’s, here.

For our bigger events like festivals, your refund options are decided by the event’s Terms & Conditions rather than our own. You can usually find a link to these at the very bottom of any page of the event’s website. It’s very unlikely that there will be any wriggle room on this - we are obliged to follow the same rules and process in order to be fair to everyone. 


Instalment tickets
We can cancel future payments for your instalment tickets, but anything that has already been paid is usually non-refundable.

To cancel your instalment plan, drop us an email with your request here. We’ll get back to you with more details ASAP, so keep an eye on your inbox (as well as any spam/junk folders - you can never be too safe!) for a reply from us to confirm your request. Please note that we're unable to reverse this, so once an instalment ticket is cancelled, the ticket is lost.


Tickets bought for a previous date
If an event has been postponed, there’s usually a deadline for you to choose what to do with your tickets. If you choose to keep your tickets for the next available date, they will likely be subject to the standard Terms and Conditions once they are carried over to the new dates. However, this can change between events, so we/our organisers will usually keep you in the loop via email. 


Booking Protection
The Booking Protection offered on our orders will cover you for a refund in additional circumstances, you can see a list here. These tend to be more serious things outside your control, such as injuries and accidents, so you won’t be covered if you just decide that you don’t fancy going anymore. Booking Protect may also ask for evidence alongside your refund request.

We recommend starting the refund process with Booking Protect as soon as you realise that you’re not able to attend and that Booking Protect may be able to refund you.

For more details, Booking Protect’s Terms and Conditions can be downloaded upon checkout, or from here.


Accommodation (such as bell tents, tipis, yurts, etc.) is usually offered by a specific provider, and is non-refundable in most cases. You’ll be able to find more information in the event or the provider’s Terms and Conditions.


We’re usually not able to refund any programmes, merchandise etc. that is posted ahead of the event - again, you’ll be able to find more information in the event’s Terms and Conditions.