What are instalment tickets?

Instalment tickets allow you to spread the cost of a ticket over a period of a few months.

When you purchase an instalment ticket you pay a deposit along with the booking fee for the ticket. An instalment plan will then be automatically set up, with smaller payments spread out over time. The amounts you pay will be included in the ticket description, as well as in an instalment agreement outlined during the checkout process and in your confirmation email. We will then send you email reminders about your payments closer to the dates, but you can also check the progress of your instalment plan from your account.


A few important things to note:

  • Instalment tickets are non-refundable, please refer to the event’s Terms and Conditions for full details about ticket refunds.
  • Payments are attempted from midnight on the date, so please ensure that you have enough funds the day before - your payment may be attempted in the early hours of the day. 
  • The payment is scheduled with your card, not your bank account details, so if you change your card it’s important that you update your payment details as well. Card details can be updated from ‘Instalment payments’ in your account up until 24 hours before the next payment is due - this is to allow for the payment details to be updated in time.
  • If one of the payments is unsuccessful, you will be given a period of time to catch up with your instalment plan, more information can be found here. The instalment plan will be cancelled if the payments are not on track.
  • Once an instalment is descheduled (cancelled), we aren't able to reverse this.


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