How can I delete my account?


Please drop us an email here to let us know you'd like to delete your account and give us permission to remove your details from our database.

We'll do this for you, then email you back to confirm.

We can erase your data in one of the following circumstances:

  • More than 6 months have elapsed since the last event you bought tickets for. Until this point, we will need your data in order to fulfill your order and grant you access to the event.
  • Your tickets for an upcoming event or one that happened less than 6 months ago have been voided and your refund was processed back onto your original payment card. In this situation, we no longer need your data as there is no order to fulfill therefore you may request that it is deleted.

Please note that your data will be removed from the live system immediately but will remain in any system backups until they are deleted.

More information about your data can be found in our Privacy Policy here.


As per our privacy policy, if you'd like to be removed, you'll need to contact the event organisers directly as they hold your data: