Integrating Google Analytics

1. Creating a new property

To use Google Analytics with TicketSellers you will first need to create a new property in your Analytics account and get the tracking ID.

When creating the new property put the following for the url:

If you need help with this step, follow these steps from Google’s Help Centre.


2. Copy the tracking ID

Find your tracking ID in your property’s settings. Tracking IDs for universal analytic properties begin with “UA-”. Select and copy this so you can paste it in a moment.

NOTE: If your tracking ID begins with “G-“, then you have a Google Analytics 4 property. Google Analytics 4 is not supported, so you’ll need to create a new property with Universal Analytics.


3. Add it to your event

Then whilst managing your event on our website go to Sales tools > Integrate Google Analytics in the left menu

Paste the full tracking number into the box and press save. For example: UA-1-624671


4. Test it's working

The easiest way to test that everything is working is to open a private browsing window (or another browser completely) and open your event page as if you were a customer.

The real time stats in Google Analytics should pick you up within 2-3 mins - keep refreshing the event page until you see at least one user on the real time view.

Alternatively, install the Tag Assistant in your browser. Then, visit your event page and check the extension.

In Google Analytics you will be able to see real time visitors as well as metrics recorded over time. For obvious reasons you won't see any analytics from before you set this up on our site. We will show you analytics throughout the entire customer journey, from viewing your event page to completing their checkout.