Customer - Ordering Tickets

How do I log in to my account?

To log into your account click here ( If you have forgotten your password click here ( for more information Still need help? Please contact us here (

How do I change my password?

Please click here ( to reset your password, you will be sent an email with instructions please allow 20 minutes for the changes to take affect. Still need help? Please contact us here (

What is Booking Protection?

Booking protection is available at the point of purchase for most, but not all events. It is offered by TheTicketSellers to protect your booking and receive a full refund if you're unable to attend due to a number of reasons. It is not available to buy after your tickets have been purchased, and does not cover you if you change your mind about attending the event. Please read the full terms and conditions here ( I...

How do I buy a ticket?

Click here ( to browse all events listed on our website, add the tickets you want to your basket and follow the instructions on screen - enjoy the event! Still need help? Please contact us here (

Why has my transaction failed?

If you have tried to purchase tickets but your payment has been declined, or an error message has appeared, please check the following: - Has the payment gone through with your bank? If so please contact us here ( - Did you enter the correct name on the card? This may be a slightly different name to the one you use on your account (for example Kate Smith may be Katherine Smith, or Miss K Smith) - Do you have sufficient funds on the card? Some...