Customer - Miscellaneous

I can’t print off my ticket, what can I do?

If you have a door code ticket, you only need to provide the door code, your name and postcode to enter the event. If you have a barcoded ticket, you can download the ticket to your mobile and show this upon arrival to enter the event. Still need help? Please contact us here (

Can we arrive at the event separately?

e-tickets You are able to arrive at the event at separate times, but we recommend that you do so with as many people as possible. To gain entry, each member of the group will need to confirm the e-ticket code, as well as the name and the postcode of the account holder. Barcode/paper tickets These tickets are issued per person. If arriving separately, please ensure each attendee has their ticket prior to arrival. These tickets can either be printed or downloaded onto a mobile device. Stil...

I think I have been the victim of fraud

If your ticket was purchased through a ticket resale website, we recommend that you contact them directly. You can also report this through Action Fraud UK ( Unfortunately, due to the data protection act, we are unable to disclose any details regarding the original ticket purchaser.

How do I get a Personal Assistant (carer) ticket?

Additional information: Terminology - We advocate the use of the term ‘Personal Assistant’ in relation to providing free tickets to a customer who requires assistance at a gig or festival, as this is a neutral phrase that can apply to all forms of personal support. - In contrast, sole use of the term ‘Carer’ does not reflect the reality of the majority of people, who do not require personal care assistance. ‘Personal Assistant’ is also far more appropriate for a Deaf person wishing to m...