How do I claim my Booking Protect refund?

How to get your hassle free refund with Booking Protection: So, things haven’t gone exactly to plan, and you need to get your money back before all your friends get home from the festival, because missing out is one thing, but missing out and being out of pocket is quite another. Don’t worry, if you bought booking protection a full refund, could be just a few clicks away.

First off, read the Terms and Conditions. This is so important, and could save a lot of time down the line. Check you are eligible for a refund, and check you have, or can get all the evidence you need to prove you are eligible for the refund. This includes details of the booking (order confirmation, dates, prices) and details of why you can’t attend.

Even if you don’t have all your supporting evidence to hand you can make a start by going to as their well designed website allows you to upload documents at a later date.  If this is your first claim you will need to create an account, or log in with Facebook, Google or Twitter.

The Online application couldn’t be easier to follow, and is done in three steps, personal details, booking details and application details (reason for applying).  You can even add names to the claim for each member of your booking that could not attend.

Before submitting the application you’ll be asked to review the details before uploading your supporting documents. If you can’t find the documents there and then you can upload them at a later date, but remember claims must be made within 45 days of the events start date.

Booking Protect will review your application within 5 working days of submitting your application. If you have supplied all the relevant information they can settle the payment within that time.  If they are missing something they will respond to you and process all further received correspondence within 5 working days of receipt. You can check on the progress of your application from the homepage of your Booking Protect account. 

Need further assistance? Contact Booking Protect directly here