Customer - Split payment / instalment tickets

My payment didn’t go through, and I can’t afford to pay the ticket off within 14 days can I get a refund?

Unfortunately not, all tickets are non-refundable, as per the Terms and Conditions ( you agreed to at the point of purchase. Any instalment plans not paid off within the 14 day period will be automatically void with no refund due.

My Instalment plan failed, can I reinstate it or change the payment dates?

For all instalment ticket options, the instalment payment plan is set up between yourself (via your bank card) and the bank, who set up the scheduled payments that you have agreed to when purchasing the ticket. If a payment fails, the bank cancel the payment plan and notify us. We then create a link allowing you to pay off the tickets in full within 2 weeks. Unfortunately we do not have a way to reinstate the plan, as the plan and agreement is between you and the bank, which is why we, as ticket...

I need to change my card details before my next instalment is due, how do I do this?

To change your card details, please log into your customer account with us here (, and click on 'Update your payment details for event name' Please note that card details need to be updated 24 hours before the payment due date, after this time the original card will still be charged. If this payment then fails, you will be required to pay off the balance of your tickets within 14 days. Still need help? Please contact us here (https://www.theti...

I have more than one instalment plan, and want to cancel some, but not all of them

Unfortunately as instalment plans are fully automated, we are unable to cancel individual tickets, however you can cancel all of them (which would result in your losing any funds you have paid towards the tickets), and rebook the amount your require. Alternatively, you can continue paying for the instalment plans you have, and once paid off you will be able to change the names on the tickets (for some events there is a limit on name changes, please check the events Terms and Conditions on the ...

I have an instalment ticket but can no longer attend, can I get a refund?

We are able to cancel any future payments from being taken, however this would result in you losing any funds paid towards the tickets so far, as all tickets are non-refundable, as per our Terms and Conditions (

How do I update my card details for my instalment plan?

To update any card details prior to a payment deadline, please log into your account here ( and click 'Update payment details', please note that this must be done at least 24 hours prior to the payment due date.

What are instalment tickets?

An initial deposit will be taken and then the rest of the instalment amounts will be automatically debited from your credit/debit card on the specified dates. Please note that only one credit/debit card can be registered per account. If you purchase further instalment plan tickets on a new credit/debit card, all your instalment tickets will be debited from the new card. This only affects instalment plan tickets. If a payment cannot be taken for any reason, the instalment plan is void and you h...

When are my instalments due?

This information can be found on your order confirmation email, and also by logging on to your account here ( and clicking on 'Instalment payments'. Please note that instalment deadlines are not amendable, however, if you have changed your mind about the event, we are able to cancel your ticket, please note that no refund will be due for any payments made towards your tickets so far, if you wish to cancel your ticket, please contact us here (http...

What happens if my instalment payment fails?

If a payment cannot be taken for any reason, the instalment plan is void and you have 14 days to pay the full remaining balance on your account with no exceptions. Sadly due to the way that these scheduled debits are set up, it is not possible to reinstate an instalment plan once it has failed.

Easy Pay Tickets

For these tickets, you will pay an initial amount (usually 20-30% of the full ticket value) and all of the booking fee up front. You will receive a confirmation email. To make further payments, simply log into your customer account here (, and you will see a link to pay off the balance. You can pay off this balance in one go, or in several increments. You choose the amount each time. The deadline for paying off the balance will be clearly disp...

Deposit tickets

Deposit tickets For these tickets, you will simply pay a set deposit and balance. The booking fee will usually be split over both payments. Select the deposit part and pay as usual. When you are ready to pay the balance, log into your customer account here ( (use the customer login link at the top of the website), and you will see a link to pay off the balance. Still need help? Please contact us here (