I need to change the name on my ticket, how can I do this?

E-ticket codes (3-digits)
If you’ve been sent an e-ticket (three numbers instead of a barcode to scan), you don’t need to worry about changing any names. If there’s a group of you, you might be asked for some details upon arrival, but you’ll just need to quote the name and the postcode of whoever booked the ticket for you, as well as those three numbers we mentioned earlier (that’s your e-ticket!).

Barcoded tickets
Some of our events ask the name on the ticket to match the name of the person who’s festival-ing (they will check this against IDs when you get there). If so, this will be highlighted when ordering and you’ll be asked to fill this out for each ticket. If you wanted to check this before ordering, you’ll be able to find out via the event website’s FAQ (or similar) section. 

You can also check whether you can edit the names on your tickets by logging into your account here. To change them, just click on ‘Edit ticket holder details’.

If you can’t see this button (and you’re sure you’ve logged into the right account, we’ve all been there), there’s no need to panic! You won’t need to do anything aside from print/download your tickets so they can be scanned when you get to the gates.

Still need help? Drop us an email here, otherwise, we’ll see you in the fields!