Boomtown - What are the travel options for the event?

The travel options for Boomtown include discounted entry tickets when you arrive via public transport. These tickets are known as the ‘Public Transport Saver Entry Ticket’ and need to be purchased alongside either a coach, train or cycle travel ticket. This is in an attempt to combat CO2 emissions and encourage a greener festival experience.

For each of these discounted options, your entry ticket is only valid if you arrive by the travel option that you originally selected. If you fail to provide proof of transport at the event, you may be refused access due to not meeting the terms and conditions.

If you don’t want to commit to a Public Transport Saver ticket now, you can add a coach, shuttle or bike ride to any ticket type at a later date (subject to availability) - however this means you will not be eligible for free Wednesday access or the discount!

You can find more information about travel and Public Transport Saver Festival tickets here and here.


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